Beach'n Rock & Roll!


Randy Oda, Michael Politeau, Kevin Oda

`OPO - (Hawaiian): To lay a foundation, like one of ROCK

"It's been over twenty-five years...It's about time we wrote and recorded some music together again." This was the genesis conversation between Randy Oda and Michael Politeau at a local resturant in the S.F. Bay Area. They decided that they would play (nearly) all the instruments themselves and, depending on what the song called for, have different singers on the songs. It didn't take long before they realized they needed technical help (not to mention a drummer). So, they enlisted Kevin Oda, Randy's brother. A fantastic drummer who definitely knows his way around the studio.

With the encouragement of their friends and fans, what started out as a songwriting project has now become a new CD recording. Randy, Michael and Kevin approached this project totally from a songwriters perspective giving them more freedom in the studio to experiment. "We let the songs determine the direction of the CD, with no preconceived idea as to the style of music."

Randy, Michael and Kevin previously played in the popular Bay Area band, "ODA". ODA was a powerhouse original rock band who wrote and performed their "Power of Love" album in many local venues. ODA developed a very strong fan base and their MTV video (click to watch video) received worldwide recognition.

Randy and Michael are both accomplished songwriters selling millions of units worldwide and have been awarded numerous Gold and Platinum records. Randy's hit, "Think I'm In Love", sung by Eddie Money, recently appeared in the movie "Paul Blart - Mall Cop". His song, "BART" is the instrumental theme song used for the BBC's call letters. Michael worked on Eddie Money's grammy nominated "Can't Hold Back" writing the album's title track. On Eddie's "No Control" album, he wrote "Passing by The Graveyard". Kevin is a strong music producer and a seasoned drummer who has performed on CDs like "Sidekicks" with Tom Fogerty and has recorded, mixed and produced a ton of acts over the years. Randy, Michael and Kevin have a proven track record and together they create a songwriting powerhouse!

Now, at last, they have finally come together again with something new and unique in the form of `OPO (Oda, Politeau, Oda), a mix of life, love and music. Help yourself to some power pop rock infused with warm island instruments, music that takes you on a much needed vacation!

Time to slip on some flip-flops, score your favorite bev, crank up the volume and move your's time to rock island style with `OPO.

Beach 'n Rock & Roll!

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Management: Caron Management Group
Manager - Dianne Caron
P.O. Box 740
Everson, WA 98247