New Album!

Randy Oda: Vocals, Lead, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Ukulele, Lap Steel, Keyboards

Michael Politeau: Lead Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Ukulele, Keyboards

Kevin Oda: Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Keyboards

Additional Crew
Daniel Oda- Lead Vocals on "Get Closer", "Let It Go", Background vocals
Mark Edgar- Lead Vocals on "Somewhere", 'When Willi See You Again", "Give Me A Taste", "Let It Go", "U Da 1", "Rock N' Roll The Dice", Percussion, Background vocals
Shawn "Push" Kayce- Lead Vocals on "Get Closer"
Tom Fogerty- Background Vocals on 'When Willi See You Again", "Next Summer"
Michael Respicio- Percussion on "The Dance"
Slo Mo Johnson - Sax
Da Choir - Background Vocals

Randy would like to thank: Theresa Barranco, Daniel Oda, Dr.Dorothy S. Oda, the Oda family, all my friends and to my brother Kevin for producing a magnificent record!

Michael would like to thank: God, my wife Arlyn , my kids Keoni, Kai, Leilani and Samantha. Cliff & Barbara Politeau, Nani, Arsenia & Ricardo Aguilar & famil y, Oda family, Mike Miller, Johnny Gunn, Geoff Glibas, Barry ┬ĚCar1man, Joe Brainard, Larry Mah, Greg Crockett, Lori Blake, Richie Corsello, Gig, Michael Ohlen, Kirby Keough and all my friends on Kaua'i, Eddie Money, David Weatherly, Patrick Landeza, Tiare O Te Ao, Ryen Monsanto, Brian Walker, Ed Breslin, and all the rest of my friends and family.

Kevin would like to thank: Marie, Chelsey Krista & Jude, Jonathan & Melanie, Mom & Dad (miss you Pop), Ozone, Boy, Daniel, Dave, Perry, Mark, Push, Walker, TF, Mac, Bill, Tony, Dr. Joe, David, Debra, Kelly, Robin, Choy, Alesis, The Lord Almighty, family and friends.

Special Thanks:Dave Luke, Lenny "Doctor" Battaglia, XTERNAL, 9th St Opus Studios, Danny White, Dianne & David Caron, all of our friends and family around the world

Dedicated to the memory of C.J. Politeau and Dr. Thomas H. Oda

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